Thingsat :: LoRa benchmarks from cubesat


Delay Tolerant Network

LoRa communication payload onboard of Stork 1 mission.

The CSUG designs a LoRa communication board and antenna for cubesats. The board and the antenna are hosted by the SatRevolution’s Stork mission. The board embeds one Semtech SX1302 concentrator for communications on the 863-870 MHz band and one Semtech SX1280 transceiver for communications on the 2400-2500 MHz band. The firmware of the two STM32 MCUs is developed with RIOT OS.

Ground segment

Coming soon

Thingsat is registered on TinyGS

TinyGS ground stations

Search CSUG at

868 MHz

Current gateways @ CSUG are:

2.4 GHz


Université Grenoble Alpes (CSUG, OSUG, LIG, IMEP-LaHC), Université Polynésie Française, Institut Polaire Paul Emile Victor (IPEV), SpaceAble, Air Liquide, Gorgy Timing, Galathea.

Special thanks to ANS Innovation, Semtech, Chipselect, ST Microelectronics, Strataggem, RIOTOS team, CNES, RESA, Synergie Concept, Nicomatic, Rogers Corp for their help.

Test fields


Frequencies are currently requested to IARU and ITU for eu868 and ism2400 bands.

Thingsat board Thingsat antenna Stork mission

Photo credits: CSUG, SatRevolution.